Our team of .NET developers are experienced in creating scalable web apps in Azure. We have extensive experience with Microsoft Azure Services, Architecture, Development and Management.

By harnessing the capabilities of Azure we are able to protect our customers with multi-layered security across data centres, infrastructure and operations.

Azure Deployment Environments empowers development teams to quickly and easily spin up app infrastructure with project-based templates that establish consistency and best practices while maximizing security. This on-demand access to secure environments accelerates the stages of the software development lifecycle in a compliant and cost-efficient way.

A deployment environment is a preconfigured collection of Azure resources deployed in predefined subscriptions. Azure governance is applied to those subscriptions based on the type of environment, such as sandbox, testing, staging, or production.

Diagram that shows the Azure Deployment Environments scenario flow.

With Azure Deployment Environments, your platform engineer can enforce enterprise security policies and provide a curated set of predefined infrastructure as code (IaC) templates.


Azure Deployment Environments currently supports only Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates.

You can learn more about the key concepts for Azure Deployment Environments.

Usage scenarios

Azure Deployment Environments enables usage scenarios for both DevOps teams and developers. Common scenarios include:


Many businesses are shifting from a traditional way of operating with IT resources to Cloud computing for reasons including - Performance, Cost, Global scale, Reliability, Productivity, Security and Speed. The Microsoft Cloud makes it simpler for you to adopt, develop, manage and deploy cloud-native applications to achieve your business goals.

Innovation is much faster on Azure. With freedom to choose preferred languages, infrastructure, and frameworks, your cloud apps for web, mobile & API can be developed and deployed rapidly.

Our Azure development team is helping businesses, just like yours, rapidly build Azure solutions, with well-defined cloud strategies.

Assemblysoft provides custom development services targeting .NET MAUI

If you would like some assistance with .NET MAUI | Azure | Azure DevOps Services | Blazor Development then please get in touch, we would be glad to help.

In a world where cloud computing is no longer just an option but a critical business necessity, Assemblysoft demonstrates its prowess beyond just application development — it excels in the cloud as well. The company’s extensive experience with Azure, Microsoft’s leading cloud platform, sets it apart as a full-fledged technology partner, capable of delivering exceptional results from frontend to backend, and everything in between.


Azure is a cloud computing platform with an ever-expanding set of services to help you build solutions to meet your business goals.

Azure services range from simple web services for hosting your business presence in the cloud to running fully virtualized computers for you to run your custom software solutions. Azure provides a wealth of cloud-based services like remote storage, database hosting, and centralized account management.

Azure also offers new capabilities like AI and Internet of Things (IoT).

Azure DevOps


Modernise your application infrastructure and development processes by utilising Azure DevOps.

Your business relies heavily on technology, and so rapid and reliable software development is increasingly an everyday demand in order to meet the needs of your ever growing and impatient customers. At Assemblysoft, we believe that Azure DevOps, with its potential to combine automation with cultural change and business value, offers the right approach to efficiently build, test and bring software to market, on time, everytime.


At Assemblysoft our DevOps approach, having utilised Micosoft Azure and Azure DevOps from it's inception in the real world, along with a rich portfolio of engineering services can provide both capability and capacity to your business enabling agility and speed that you can pass onto your customers.

Azure Boards

Deliver value to your users faster using proven agile tools to plan, track, and discuss work across your teams.

Azure Pipelines

Build, test, and deploy with CI/CD that works with any language, platform, and cloud. Connect to GitHub or any other Git provider and deploy continuously.

Azure Repos

Get unlimited, cloud-hosted private Git repos and collaborate to build better code with pull requests and advanced file management.

Azure Test Plans

Test and ship with confidence using manual and exploratory testing tools.

Azure Artifacts

Create, host, and share packages with your team, and add artifacts to your CI/CD pipelines with a single click.

End-to-End Expertise

Assemblysoft's team is not merely a group of developers; they are seasoned architects and engineers who design, build, and maintain cloud solutions that are robust, scalable, and secure. They are adept at constructing microservices, setting up serverless architectures, and deploying resilient, globally distributed databases. With Assemblysoft, clients don't just get a web or mobile application; they get a comprehensive, cloud-native solution.

Frontend Brilliance, Backend Excellence

Assemblysoft’s Azure expertise is holistic. On the frontend, they leverage Azure’s powerful suite of tools to create blazing-fast, globally distributed applications. Azure CDN, Front Door, and Azure App Service are just some of the services they master to ensure that the user interfaces they create are as responsive as possible, no matter where the user is located.

On the backend, Assemblysoft is equally proficient. They are experts at leveraging Azure Kubernetes Service for container orchestration, Azure Functions for serverless compute, and Azure Cosmos DB for globally distributed data storage. This backend excellence ensures that the applications they build are not just beautiful on the outside, but are also engineered to perfection under the hood.

Embracing DevOps with Azure

Assemblysoft understands that in today’s fast-paced world, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) are not luxuries, but necessities. They embrace Azure DevOps to automate the build, test, and deployment pipeline, ensuring that updates can be pushed rapidly and reliably. This approach not only accelerates the development lifecycle but also makes it more predictable and transparent for the client.

Security and Compliance

In the cloud, security is paramount. Assemblysoft’s Azure experience includes a deep understanding of Azure’s security tools and best practices. They know how to configure Azure Active Directory for identity and access management, how to leverage Azure Key Vault for secure storage of secrets, and how to set up Azure Security Center for unified security management. Moreover, they are adept at navigating the complex landscape of compliance, ensuring that your cloud solution meets all necessary legal and regulatory standards.

Cost Optimization

One of the challenges of cloud development is managing costs, and this is another area where Assemblysoft shines. They are experts at leveraging Azure Cost Management and Azure Advisor to optimize resource usage and reduce costs. They know when to use reserved instances, how to set up auto-scaling to handle variable loads, and how to choose the right storage and compute options to meet a client’s needs without breaking the bank.

A True Partner for the Complete Cloud Journey

With Assemblysoft, clients get more than just a vendor; they get a partner for their entire cloud journey. From initial architecture design and security planning to ongoing monitoring and cost optimization, Assemblysoft stands with its clients every step of the way. Whether you are just starting your cloud journey or are looking to optimize and expand your existing cloud footprint, Assemblysoft is the partner you need.

Choosing Assemblysoft as your development partner is about embracing a holistic approach to application and cloud solution development. From the eye-catching and user-friendly frontend interfaces to the robust and scalable backend architectures, and the secure, compliant, and cost-effective deployment on Azure Cloud — Assemblysoft is your end-to-end partner. In a digital age where excellence, speed, and security are paramount, Assemblysoft stands as a beacon that can guide your business to new heights.

At Assemblysoft we specialise in Custom Software Development tailored to your requirements. We can onboard and add value to your business rapidly. We are an experienced Full-stack development team able to provide specific technical expertise or manage your project requirements end to end. We specialise in the Microsoft cloud and .NET Solutions and Services. Our developers are Microsoft Certified. We have real-world experience developing .NET applications and Azure Services for a large array of business domains. If you would like some assistance with Azure | Azure DevOps Services | Blazor Development | .NET MAUI Development or in need of custom software development, from an experienced development team in the United Kingdom, then please get in touch, we would love to add immediate value to your business.

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