Fitness First’s Digital Transformation - Integrating Microsoft Azure and DevOps Expertise.

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Helping Fitness First evolve to meet the demands of a changing, challenging industry


Fitness First is an international fitness centre brand founded in 1993 in the United Kingdom.

Assemblysoft’s involvement in Fitness First's digital transformation marked a significant shift in the fitness industry. Faced with the challenge of redefining a devalued core offer and returning the business to profit, our team leveraged Microsoft Azure expertise, DevOps innovation, and full-stack development skills to revolutionize Fitness First's digital presence.

What is Fitness Software?

Fitness software is a digital solution designed to enhance the management and delivery of fitness services. It caters to a wide range of users, including fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, gym owners, and health clubs. By leveraging technology, fitness software streamlines workout planning, tracking, and analysis, as well as member management and communication, making it easier for users to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Benefits of Custom Software Solutions for Fitness Software

1. Personalized Workout and Nutrition Plans

Custom fitness software can provide personalized workout and nutrition plans based on individual user data, such as fitness level, goals, dietary preferences, and health conditions. This personalization helps users achieve better results by following plans tailored specifically to their needs.

2. Efficient Member and Facility Management

For gym owners and fitness clubs, custom software can automate and streamline membership management, scheduling, billing, and communication. This includes managing sign-ups, tracking attendance, automating payments, and providing members with easy access to class schedules and bookings.

3. Enhanced Tracking and Analysis

With integrated tracking features, users can monitor their progress in real-time, tracking workouts, nutrition, and body metrics. Custom software can analyze this data to provide insights and feedback, helping users stay motivated and adjust their plans for optimal results.

4. Improved Engagement and Retention

Custom fitness software can include gamification elements, challenges, and social features to engage users and create a supportive community. This engagement can lead to higher motivation, better compliance with workout and nutrition plans, and increased retention for fitness businesses.

5. Integration with Wearables and Other Health Apps

By integrating with wearable devices and other health apps, custom fitness software can automatically sync workout data, heart rate, steps taken, and other relevant health metrics. This integration provides a comprehensive overview of a user's health and fitness activities.

6. Data Security and Compliance

Custom solutions can ensure that user data, including personal health information, is securely stored and managed in compliance with regulations like HIPAA or GDPR, depending on the region. This security builds trust and protects both users and businesses.

7. Scalability and Flexibility

Custom fitness software can be scaled and adapted to meet the changing needs of its users or the growth of a fitness business. New features, services, or integrations can be added to accommodate evolving fitness trends and user expectations.

How It Benefits All Stakeholders

  • Individual Users benefit from personalized plans and tracking that help them reach their fitness goals more effectively. The motivational and community aspects enhance their commitment and enjoyment.
  • Personal Trainers and Coaches gain powerful tools for managing clients, designing personalized programs, and tracking progress. This allows for more efficient client management and enhanced service delivery.
  • Gym Owners and Fitness Clubs can streamline operations, improve member engagement, and offer additional value through technology, helping to attract and retain members in a competitive market.
  • Corporate Wellness Programs can leverage custom fitness software to promote health and wellness among employees, track participation and progress, and measure the impact of wellness initiatives.

The Workout Plan

  • Redefining the Fitness Industry: Transforming the brand identity to stand out in a saturated market.
  • Premium Positioning: Elevating Fitness First’s market stance to justify a higher price point through a richer customer experience.
  • Digital Disruption: Implementing innovative technology solutions to reflect the brand’s new focus on life aspirations beyond gym goals.

Over-reliant on price and struggling with a devalued core offer, Fitness First’s brief was clear and ambitious. Redefine a tired and undifferentiated category, drive reappraisal with a valuably different branded proposition and return the business to profit.

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The Goal - Digital Transformation

Fitness First wanted to occupy a premium position within the mass market, and justify its increased price point with a richer, more motivating experience. The transformation would see disruption across a blend of innovative technology, newly-trained fitness teams and a series of branded product and service visuals that would target online as well as on the gym floor. In contrast to competitors, the focus shifted towards members’ aspirations in life, rather than gym goals.

For existing as well as potential members it was tangible proof that Fitness First was ‘re-writing the rules of fitness’. To signal this wholesale change, we transformed the brand identity. Redesigning every element, we benchmarked our work against apparel brands to create something consumers would be proud to be associated with and that made a statement about them and the way they lived their lives.


Our approach was multifaceted and strategically aligned with Fitness First's goals:

  • Microsoft Azure Integration: Providing our Azure expertise, we worked alongside the in-house development team to design and build a member-first Web API.
  • DevOps Pipeline Creation: We developed the first DevOps pipeline, incorporating Infrastructure as Code (IAC) to efficiently set up Azure App services and Web APIs. This approach enhanced elasticity, testability, and cost measurement during development.
  • Frontend Application Development: Our team contributed to the Angular application development, creating a gamified workout experience for members, aligning with the brand’s new direction.
  • Customer-Facing Website Support: We played a crucial role in developing the customer-facing website, underpinned by the EpiServer CMS platform.

Assemblysoft were brought in to add Microsoft Azure expertise and worked alongside the in house development team to design and build a members first Web API.

We created the first DevOps pipeline which consisted of an Infrastructure as code (IAC) implementation that stood up the Azure App Services and Web APIs which greatly aided elasticity, testability and cost measurement during development.

We also rolled up our sleeves and worked on the frontend application the members would use in the gyms. We had the opportunity to add tangible value being part of the build of an Angular application that provided a gamification and workout experience for members.

We were also heavily involved in the customer facing web site underpinned by the EpiServer CMS platform.


Azure Expertise: Our knowledge in Microsoft Azure was instrumental in educating the in-house team and implementing the necessary cloud infrastructure.

Full-Stack Development: Our involvement spanned across the suite of applications, offering guidance and contributing to the entire development lifecycle.

Innovative DevOps: The robust, self-documenting, and automated setup of Azure platforms and services via our custom DevOps pipeline streamlined the development process.

The Results

The project yielded remarkable outcomes:

  • Elevated Brand Positioning: Fitness First successfully transitioned to a premium market position, offering enriched customer experiences both online and in-gym.
  • Innovative Member Experience: The new Angular application and revamped website provided members with a unique, engaging fitness journey.
  • Operational Efficiency: Our DevOps innovations led to more efficient development cycles and reduced operational costs.

Business Benefits

The digital transformation offered substantial business advantages:

  • Market Differentiation: Fitness First set itself apart in the fitness industry, aligning with premium apparel brands in terms of brand identity and customer experience.
  • Increased Member Engagement: The new digital offerings enhanced member engagement, contributing to Fitness First’s return to profitability.
  • Technology Leadership: The introduction of cutting-edge technology solutions positioned Fitness First as a leader in digital innovation within the fitness sector.

Assemblysoft’s contribution to Fitness First’s digital transformation showcases our expertise in leveraging Microsoft Azure, developing robust DevOps processes, and providing full-stack development solutions. Our role was instrumental in redefining Fitness First’s market position and enhancing its digital footprint, demonstrating our commitment to delivering transformative technology solutions in the fitness industry.

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