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When you think of buying all of your essential arts and crafts supplies, one brand name comes to mind, Hobbycraft.

With over 100 stores and now owned by the Bridgepoint investment group, they have become a respected giant, favoured by many since their start as an extension to the Haskins garden centres.

Hobbycraft, a renowned brand for arts and crafts supplies with over 100 stores, sought to enhance the online shopping experience for their customers. They collaborated with a local digital agency to improve their website's capabilities, specifically focusing on enabling customers to print pages, guides, and essential crafting information for offline use. The challenge was to enhance customer experience (CX) while also minimizing paper wastage.

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The Challenge

Hobbycraft faced the challenge of optimizing the online shopping experience for their customers, which included the ability to print pages, guides, and useful crafting information. They wanted to ensure that customers could have access to valuable resources even when offline. Additionally, the goal was to reduce paper wastage, aligning with sustainability goals.

Shopping for arts, crafts, making and baking online

A local digital agency reached out to us for our ASP.NET expertise to enhance the capabilities of the website, ensuring the customer experience (CX) was enhanced further by enabling the print of pages, guides and useful information required to get the best out of the crafting experience while offline.

Part of the brief was to reduce wasted paper and help preserve this valuable resource.

The Solution

We enhanced the layout and design of the site to develop a printer friendly version that would support the crafting tasks.

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This involved putting ourselves in the customers shoes and working through a selection of different tasks, ensuring the printed version remained focused on the crafting and avoided printing unnecessary parts of the website that would be distracting to the customer and waste additional paper.

The result was a complimentary version of the site, enhanced for print and UX, including only the necessary details presented in a step by step fashion.

Assemblysoft's Approach in Enhancing the Website

Assemblysoft collaborated with Hobbycraft to provide a solution that would improve the layout and design of the website, creating a printer-friendly version tailored for crafting tasks. This involved adopting a customer-centric approach, putting themselves in the shoes of the users, and evaluating various tasks to ensure that the printed version focused on crafting essentials and avoided unnecessary distractions.

Key Technical Details:

  • ASP.NET Expertise: Assemblysoft leveraged their ASP.NET expertise to enhance the website's functionality. ASP.NET is a powerful framework for web development, enabling robust and dynamic web solutions.
  • Printer-Friendly Design: The team optimized the website's layout and design to ensure that when customers printed pages, guides, or information, they received a clear, step-by-step presentation of the crafting details. This improved user experience (UX) and eliminated the printing of unnecessary website elements.
  • Sustainability Focus: Part of the solution was to minimize paper wastage and contribute to the preservation of valuable resources, aligning with Hobbycraft's sustainability goals.

The Result

Business Benefits and Observations

The collaboration between Hobbycraft and Assemblysoft yielded significant results:

  1. Enhanced CX: Customers could now print crafting-related materials with ease, improving their overall experience on the website.
  2. Sustainable Practices: By minimizing paper wastage, the solution aligned with sustainability initiatives, showcasing Hobbycraft's commitment to responsible business practices.
  3. Improved UX: The step-by-step presentation of crafting details in the printed version eliminated distractions and made it easier for customers to follow instructions.
  4. Customer-Centric Approach: The focus on understanding customer needs and tasks played a vital role in creating a solution that truly catered to Hobbycraft's audience.

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Choosing a web development company with deep experience in ASP.NET, as Hobbycraft did, can offer significant advantages, from enhanced security and performance to scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you're building a small business website or a complex enterprise application, the ASP.NET framework, coupled with the expertise of a seasoned development team, can ensure your project's success in the digital marketplace.